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Puppet Academy 2024 Applications are OPEN!

What is Puppet Academy?

Puppet Academy is a week where you will be part of the team developing and rehearsing a puppet production to be preformed in the main showcase at The Equip Festival 2024 taking place at Rugby College. Whilst Puppet Academy is intense, it's also an excellent opportunity to really advance your puppetry skills and be part of a team in bringing a full performance together. PLUS, it’s great fun and the friendships made during Puppet Academy last long after the week has finished.

When and Where is it?

The rehearsal week takes place from Sunday 18th to Sunday 25th August. This takes place at a venue in Grimsby DN34, with local accommodation provided.

You will also need to be available for the Equip Festival in Rugby from Thursday 31st October (10am) to Sunday 3rd November (7pm).

How much will it cost?

If you are selected to be part of the team, there is a nominal cost to you of £85 As you will be part of the event team, The Equip Festival will be free to all Puppet Academy team members. All meals and accommodation, both during the week in August and at the festival will be provided. 

How do I apply?

To be able to apply, you need to be over the age of sixteen (we require parental consent for those aged under 18 years) and be a competent rod-arm puppeteer.

Simply complete the online application form below, download the 'Puppet Academy Application Track' (linked below) and film a video of you demonstrating your skills with a puppet to this track. This can be sent to us on YouTube/Vimeo/DropBox etc. or can be emailed separately to For the video:

- The performance should be in an un-curtained stage so that your technique can be observed clearly.

- The performance must be to the Puppet Academy Application Track

- The track features clips from three songs. Whilst your complete puppetry skills will be judged throughout the three songs, these tracks have been chosen to highlight particular skills in the following areas:

Song #1 - Lip synchronisation

Song #2 - Emotion and character

Song #3 - Arm rod control and movement

Download Track

When do I need to Apply By?

You'll need to have your applications and audition videos submitted by Friday 7th June 2024, with all applicants finding out whether they are successful by Friday 14th June 2024 

What do previous members have to say?

Application Form

Apply Here:

Academy Application

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